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2011 Winners


Charlotte Harper

Evaluate Stolypin's Land Reform: Was it Unsuccessful, or inconsistent, or unfinished?

  Chris Bowkett

Discuss the social and political ideas of Alexander Herzen


Edward Hodson

Distinguish between Menshevism and Bolshevism


James Robinson

What Were the Reasons for Bolshevik Success in October 1917?


Kerry Spencer

How far was Nicholas II responsible for tsardoms collapse?


Melissa Janda

What Part did the War Play in the Tsars Downfall?


Nazmul Hussain

To what extent did N. Khrushchev succeed in his policy of de-Stalinisation?


Robert Wood

To what extent did Nikita Khrushchev succeed in his policy of de-Stalinisation?

Ross Campbell

What were the economic and social roots of stagnation under Brezhnev?

  Stephen Wears

Assess the main factors of the break-up of the Soviet Union


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