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Craig Martin

How far did Imperial Russia modernise in the period 1881 to 1914?

  Julian Chaggar

Critically evaluate scenarios for Russia’s future: liberal democracy vs. authoritarianism

Samantha Malins

The Political, Social and Economic Consequences of the Peasant Reform

  Matthew Holmes

Assess the Impact of the Campaign of Glasnost on the Communist Regime

Robert Grealy

Evaluate the Character of Catherine the Great’s Reign

  Scott Edwards

To what extent did Nikita Khrushchev succeed in his policy of de-Stalinisation?


Alex Howard

Critically assess the effectiveness of Putin’s attempts to dismantle the system of ‘crony capitalism’


James O'Brien

Critically assess the effectiveness of Putin’s efforts to dismantle the system of “Crony Capitalism”

Edmond Smith

The Factor of Competition with the West and Russia’s Great Cycles of Modernisation


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