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Best Student Essays

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2010 Winners


Robert Grealy

Evaluate the Positive and Negative Effects of Gaidarís ďShock TherapyĒ Reforms

  Sarfraz Khan

Assess the main factors leading to the break-up of the Soviet Union


Leanne Reeves

Give an overview of the main achievements and failures of Russiaís economy under Putin


Anthony Prigg

Critically analyse the sources of the First Chechen War (1994-6)


Radoslaw Glazowski

Explain the chief causes of the conflict in Chechnya


Scott Edwards

Critically analyse Putinís steps to recentralize political authority


Christopher Bertenshaw

Critically evaluate scenarios for Russiaís future: Liberal Democracy vs. Authoritarian


Kirsty Williams

Gaidar's "Shock Therapy"

Hannah-Christina Laughton

Assess the role of the factor of competition with the West in initiating Russia's cycles of modernisation

  Alan Patrick Malpass

Critically Evaluate Leninís Adaptation of Marxism to Russian Conditions

Matthew Follows

Is it possible to assert that in 1905-1917 Russia was a constitutional monarchy?

  Callum Varian

What were the internal and external pressures for Gorbachevís economic reforms?


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