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Run through the darkened corridors, shoot down enemy mafia, and question scientists to find out about the weapons.

You're a detective, a wildcard, you have an attitude, and you won't let anyone stand in your way. But when your whole team gets wiped out while doing a routine check of a warehouse, it's all up to one man, YOU to battle a team of Russian supremacists, who are about to release on the streets some extremely dangerous weapons.

There's been some confusion with shooting during gameplay, if you are standing you have a 50/50 chance of being hit by your enemy, if you get shot while standing, your health will decrease, but you will not die from that one shot. If you are crouching and get shot, you will die from that one shot, The author have made it like this so that, you can't crouch and shoot at the same time Have fun playing the game!


  • Walk Left/ Walk Right: Left/ Right arrow key

  • Crouch: Down arrow key

  • Enter cave: Up arrow key

  • Run Left/ Right: Left/Right arrow key & 'S' Key

  • Upholster Gun: 'E' Key -

  • Holster Gun: 'D' Key

  • Shoot Gun: 'A' Key

  • Reload Gun: 'R' Key

  • Upholster Gun while crouched: Down arrow key & 'E' Key

  • Holster Gun while crouched: Down arrow key & 'D' Key

  • Shoot Gun while crouched: Down arrow key & 'A' Key

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