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"Yuri Vladimirovich! The people will not follow you!"

Dear comrades, who have already voted for Comrade Andropov! You can lower your hands now and walk away from the wall!

After Brezhnev's death, Andropov sent out Stalinist-style squads to movie theaters looking for people who were supposed to be at work. Andropov dreamed that Brezhnev's ghost came to him and said,
"Be careful, Yuri Vladimirovich! The people will not follow you!"
"Then they will follow you, Leonid Ilich!" Andropov answered Brezhnev. 

Q: Is there a personality cult of Andropov?
A: There's a cult for sure, but no personality... 

You know, there's a new school subject in the USSR - Andropology.

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