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Chechen Terrorism


The cost of the two Chechen campaigns has been very high both for the Chechens and for Russians. Thousands of Russian soldiers and officers have lost their lives, countless innocent civilians have become victims of Chechen terrorism or have been caught up in massive aerial and artillery attacks of the federal troops on rebellious villages and in the capital of Grozny.  

"Remembering the theatre seige" (October, 2002)

Nevertheless, the second Chechen war showed that the army and Russian society at large now understood more clearly than in 1994-96 what was at stake in this conflict. Separatism may survive in the pacified Chechnya for some time as a political tendency, but it is unlikely to revive as a military-terrorist movement.

CHECHEN Terrorism in Russia


September 1999

In a devastating series of attacks, bombs destroy apartment blocks in the Russian towns of Moscow and Volgodonsk, killing 246 people.

August 8 2000

A bomb explodes in a busy Moscow underpass, killing eight people and injuring 50.

October 23 2002

Around 50 Chechen rebels seize a Moscow theatre and hold about 800 people hostage in a three-day siege. Most of the rebels and around 120 hostages are killed when Russian forces use gas to storm the building.

December 27 2002

A suicide lorry-bomb attack destroys the Grozny headquarters of Chechnyas Moscow-backed government, killing 72 people.

May 12 2003

Sixty people are killed in a suicide bombing on a government compound in northern Chechnya. Two days later, a woman blows herself up at a religious ceremony in the republic, killing 18 people.

July 5 2003

Two women suicide bombers kill 14 people when they blow themselves up at an open-air rock festival at Moscow's Tushino airfield. Sixty people are injured, and a 15th victim dies later.

August 1 2003

Fifty people, including Russian soldiers wounded in Chechnya, are killed in a truck-bomb attack on a military hospital in Mozdok, North Ossetia.

December 5 2003

Forty-four people are killed when a suicide bomber attacks a train in southern Russia.

December 9 2003

A suicide bombing in central Moscow kills at least five people.

February 6 2004

In Moscow a suicide bomber blows up a Metro carriage during the morning rush hour, killing 39 commuters.

September 1 2004 In an attack on a school in Beslan, a town in North Ossetia, more than 300 people dies in the three-day siege, most of them children.
October 2005 At least eighty-five people were killed in street fighting in the southern Russia city of Nalchik after Chechen rebels assaulted government buildings, telecommunications facilities, and the airport.
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The Chechen Problem

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