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The reality, however, is that ethnic Chechen administrators who collaborate with the federal authorities become prime assassination targets of the terrorists. Despite the fact that the separatists have been contained militarily, with their organized armed detachments routed or dispersed, hopes of outright victory in the near future remain dim, and landmine and guerrilla warfare is likely to drag on for a long time. A spate of Chechen suicide bombings also followed throughout 2003.  

Parliamentary elections in Chechnya: 2005

In May 2004, President Kadyrov was killed in a bomb blast. The killing ensured that his son, Ramzan Kadyrov, would emerge as the region's single most powerful political figure. Indeed, he was groomed for the position by Vladimir Putin. Ramzan Kadyrov was appointed the Chechen Prime Minister under the new president of Chechnya, Kremlin backed Alu Alkhanov. Mr Kadyrov quickly became the de facto supreme ruler of the republic.

In March 2007, Ramzan Kadyrov  was  elected president of Chechnya. It is thought that he has overall control of both the Chechen oil industry as well as the large amounts of reconstruction money provided by Moscow. The Kremlin insists he has brought stability and overseen the dramatic rebuilding of the republic's war-ravaged capital, Grozny.

The legal process of restoring constitutional order in the republic seems to have been completed. But some Russians question whether Moscow has chosen the right man. They point to Mr Kadyrov's youth and lack of education. They also ask whether Mr Kadyrov, having received absolute power, might be tempted to forge a much more independent path. It remains to be seen whether the re-Chechenization can ensure the provinces long-term stability.

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The Chechen Problem

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