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2004 Presidential Election


The presidential election of March 2004 turned into a vote of confidence for Putin and his policies, confirming his continued popular support. He won his second term with an even more resounding victory than in 2000, gaining 71,31 percent of votes. No other candidate was able to perturb the unshakable supremacy of the incumbent. 


   Presidential Election of March 2004


Percentage of votes

Vladimir Putin


Nikolai Kharitonov


Sergei Glaziev


Irina Khakamada 3.84
Oleg Malyshkin 2.02
Sergei Mironov 0.75
Against all candidates 3.4

The secret of Putins popularity is that for the first time in many decades the authorities have narrowed the gap dividing them from the people and have begun to register and take into account their expectations and problems. Putin is perceived by members of various sectors of the population as theirs, that is, as someone they can relate to and understand and who knows about their problems and has the resources to address them. All this gives him important advantages if he decides to push through a tough package of major economic reforms.

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