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Two thirds of the Russians want Putin to remain beyond 2008


The poll was taken on 8 September 2005.

The survey embraced 1600 respondents aged 18 and above from more than 100 Russian cities and towns in all federal districts. The sample is representative of the adult population of Russia and error margin does not exceed 3%.

The respondents were asked to answer the following question:

Would you like Vladimir Putin to remain the leader of the country after Presidential Elections of 2008? If yes, how? (%)

The answers are given below (click to enlarge):

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34% of the participants of the survey are not now thinking about the Elections of 2008 and their results. The highest level of indifference was expressed by those surveyed in towns with population of 100-500 thousand and among young respondents aged 18-24.

So, one third of the respondents (31%) would not like Putin to remain in power after elections of 2008. 9% of the respondents felt difficulties when answering this question. Whereas 60% of those surveyed suggested different ways of prolonging Putins presidential powers.

For example, every forth participant of the survey (28%) artlessly suggested to change the Constitution in order Putin could came forward as a candidate for president for the third time. More often than on an average in the sample this variant was offered by the Russian respondents from North-West region 37%. The same opinion was expressed by every third respondent from cities with population over 1 mln. Such variant of prolongation of presidential term for Putin was supported by the respondents aged 18-24 (33%) and those with primary or imcomplete secondary education (36%) more actively than the other respondents.

10% of the respondents suggested that Constitution should be changed and the Russia should essentially move to the German form of government, where a prime-minister is in fact a leader of the country. For this very position the respondents which chose this variant intend Putin in 2008. A little bit more often than in general in the sample this variant was offered by those surveyed in Volga (14%) and Siberia (13%) regions. 15% of the Russians aged 35-44 also supported such change in the Constitution and it is the biggest share in the sample.

According to the results of the research, 10% of the respondents think that Vladimir Putin should be elected a leader of Russia Byelorussia union state. And more often than in general in the sample this variant was mentioned by the respondents from Central region 15%. The idea of Putins presidency in a new state was supported by 13% of the respondents aged 45-59, and the share is bigger than on an average in the sample.

Source: Romir

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