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The poll was taken on 16 February 2005.

ROMIR Monitoring tried to find out what problems worry Russians and what spheres Russian authorities should keep in focus of their attention. 1500 respondents from more than 100 cities and towns took part in this survey.

The main question of the survey was:

In your opinion, what problems should be solved in the first place?

The results were the following (multiple answers possible, hence total is not 100%):

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So according to the survey results, top ten of the most acute problems are as follows:

  • Russian economic development issue is top priority for 45% of respondents.
  • Inflation and price increase worries 29% of respondents.
  • National welfare gain 28%.
  • One of the most urgent problems according to 21% of respondents is unemployment.
  • The same number of respondents thinks that it is necessary to pay attention to housing and municipal utilities problem.
  • About 14% are concerned about corruption.
  • The problem of public health is topical for 13% of respondents.
  • Decrease of oligarch influence on administration is an important issue for 11% of respondents
  • The same goes for the problem of salary/pension delays.
  • And only 10% think the Chechen situation to be an acute issue.
  • Only 3-4% of respondents look upon necessity of creating conditions for private business development and development of democracy as issues which need special attention of administration.

Price increase and inflation worry respondents from big cities less than other issues. Only 19% of respondents from cities named these problems. And problem of national welfare are of concern to respondents from towns with 100-500 thousand population least of all 16%.

Housing and municipal utilities cause the least concern for respondents who live in rural area 17%, and it is quite understandable due to own houses it is only the owner of this house who should be blamed for absence of conveniences and leaking roof.

Administration corruption worries respondents of big cities most of all 18%. And influence of oligarchs on business is an issue of concern of respondents mainly from middle-size towns (100-500 thousand population) 14%. Salary/pension delay worries respondents of rural area and those from middle-size towns 13% in each category.

Comparisons by gender and age show that respondents aged 18-24 and pensioners have polar opinions to almost all issues. For example, price increase and inflation worries 25% young people and 32% pensioners. About 30% students worry about unemployment, and among pensioners only 15% express concern about it.

And issue of public health gives quite contrary picture: only 6% of younger respondents think it acute, while 19% of seniors name it as the most important problem. The share of young respondents who are worried about oligarch influence on administration is about 15%, and only 8% of respondents of 60 years old and above express concern about this issue.

Source: Romir

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