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Post-Soviet Dumas 

First Duma (1993-95)
Dominated by authoritarian parties: Communists, the Agrarian Party, and Zhirinovsky’s LDPR
Second Duma (1995-99)
Communists controlled almost half of all the seats
Third Duma (1999-2003)
Unity and FatherlandAll Russia together with two smaller pro-Kremlin parliamentary factions were able to garner simple majority, required to rubberstamp the Kremlin’s legislative initiatives
Fourth Duma (2003-07)
The “presidential party,” United Russia, controls 68 percent of all seats
Fifth Duma (2007-)
 The “presidential party,” United Russia
  controls over 64 percent of all seats

December 1993 Elections To The FIRST Duma

Four biggest parties/blocs Total seats
Russia’s Choice (a pro-government party led by Yegor Gaidar) 15.6 %
Liberal-Democratic Party (Vladimir Zhirinovsky) 14.2 %
Communist Party (Gennady Zyuganov) 10.7 %
Agrarian Party 7.3 %

December 1995 Elections to the SECOND Duma 

Successful parties/blocs Party-list votes (%)
Communist Party (Gennady Zyuganov) 22.30
Liberal-Democratic Party (Vladimir Zhirinovsky) 11.18
Our Home Is Russia (Victor Chernomyrdin) 10.13
Yabloko (Grigory Yavlinsky) 6.89

December 1999 Elections to the THIRD Duma

Successful parties/blocs Party-list votes (%)
Communist Party (Gennady Zyuganov) 24.29
Unity 23.32
Fatherland—All Russia 13.33
Union of Right Forces 8.52
Liberal-Democratic Party (Vladimir Zhirinovsky) 5.98
Yabloko (Grigory Yavlinsky) 5.93

December 2003 Election to the FOURTH Duma

Parties/blocs Party-list votes %
   United Russia








   Yabloko 4.34

   Union of Right Forces


December 2007 Election to the FIFTH Duma

Successful parties/blocs Votes %
   United Russia






   Fair Russia



distribution of seats in the fifth Duma


United Russia - 315 seats
CPRF - 57 seats
LDPR - 40 seats
Fair Russia - 38 seats

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