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The Communist Party

"Gorbachev Factor"


History of the Party's Name

1898 - 1917 Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party
1917 - 1918 Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party (Bolsheviks)
1918 - 1925 Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
1925 - 1952 All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
1952 - 1991 Communist Party of the Soviet Union
1993 - Communist Party of the Russian Federation



General Secretary
Secretariat and Departments
Central Committee
Republic Central Committee
Regional Party Committee
District or City Party Committee
Primary Party Organization at Workplace
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Soviet Russia

Understanding the Soviet Period
Russian Political Culture
Soviet Ideology
The Soviet System
Soviet Nationalities
The Economic Structure
The Socialist Experiment
"Great Leap" to Socialism
The USSR in World War II
Stalin's Legacy
Brezhnev's Stagnation
The Economy in Crisis
Political Reform
The USSR's Collapse

Models of Soviet Power

Tables and Statistics

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