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The "Libertarian" School


The Ďlibertarianí school presents an anarchistic view of the Revolution, as an expression of the elemental will of the people. It contends that the revolution, at least in its early stages, was not the result of conspiracy or political manipulation, but a spontaneous, uncoordinated plebeian  revolt of the Russian people against the Russian state. Even if the revolution did later deteriorate into a new and perhaps more dreadful form of despotism, it began as a genuinely popular revolution whose origins were to be found on the factory floor, in the village communes and military barracks of a disintegrating empire. 

Revolution's Wind. By V. Khodov

This line of thought is close to the theory of Ďthe unfinished revolutioní associated particularly with the ideas of those sympathetic to Trotsky.  It argues that a genuine workersí revolution occurred in 1917, but was later betrayed by Leninís successors.  The initial revolutionary enthusiasm of the workers was destroyed by the deadening rule of the bureaucratic and repressive Communist Party of the Soviet Union.       

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